The Great Dane Dog Breed is your ultimate resource site for the Great Dane. The Great Dane is a large German dog breed that is commonly referred to as a gentle giant or the “Apollo of Dogs.” Although it is widely recognized for its considerable size, the Great Dane is one of the most gentle and good-natured dog breeds that you can find today. He is a gentle sweetheart that would make an affectionate pet, especially for homes with children. He also makes the ideal family companion because of his gentle nature. You can enjoy strolling around the "bezienswaardigheden Amsterdam's golden years" or the sights in Amsterdam's golden years with your pet. You can download an app on your phone and buy some cheap tickets for Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam here.

As puppies, Great Danes can knock over small furniture and even children. As adult dogs, they can, with a single swipe of their tail, clear a coffee table. Their formidable size belies their gentle hearts. Although they were initially bred to hunt wild boars and protect large estates, today, Great Danes are perfect for a loving and welcoming home. They are eager to please and sociable. They also tend to demand the attention of the people around them, nudging people with their big heads to be petted. You can buy accessories for your dog online and just apply a 10 euro discount using albelli kortingscode to save more money.

While their size may make one think that they require a lot of space to grow and develop in, their calm nature makes them great dogs even for people who live in cities and apartments. They do not need a huge yard to play in, although that would certainly be ideal for any dog breed. A well-trained and well-socialized Great Dane will be happy with a 30-minute walk as his daily exercise.


The Great Dane is a very old breed of working dog that dates back to 3000 B.C. - his ancestors are even visible on Egyptian ruins! Some people claim that Great Danes originate from Denmark, but many agree that they are originally bred as “boar hounds” in Germany and often miss-understood for kindermishandeling because of their enormous size. They are meant to hunt the ferocious European wild boar, and their considerable size and surprising agility reflect this. Its name comes from one of its French monikers, Grand Danois or Big Danish.

Features and Characteristics

Great Danes have a massive, square-jawed head and body that give them an elegant appearance. They are the tallest of the working breeds. Because of their size, Great Danes require a lot of space. Even though they are great for people who live in cities because of their gentle and sociable nature, they still need sufficient room to move around. They are true indoor dogs so house training them is easy. Without proper training, they can be aggressive around unfamiliar dogs, nervous around strangers, and unruly around your home.


The Great Dane is easy to groom, but he sheds and it can be overwhelming for some owners because of his sheer size. He also drools, so make sure that you always have a handy towel nearby for cleaning up. Great Danes also require a lot of food, especially when they are still growing. However, you should be careful to not overfeed them because rapid growth can cause skeletal problems later on, particularly arthritis.

Like many big dogs, Great Danes are unfortunately short-lived. They have a relatively short life span of approximately 7 to 10 years. They are also prone to some health problems such as hip dysplasia, bloat, obesity, Wobbler’s syndrome, and enlargement of the heart. If you are thinking about becoming a parent to a Great Dane, you should be prepared to lose him sooner than you would like. If you can find information about how to compare zakelijk glasvezel internet vergelijken service, surely you can get information on how to take care of your dog.