great dane

Great Danes are enormous, but extremely gentle. They are loyal, kind, and friendly. They also need to be around people. They can live in an apartment, although a big yard is still recommended for them. Although they can be devoted to and wonderful with children, they also should be supervised because of their massive size. If you are thinking about adopting a Great Dane puppy, this is the perfect time to start learning more about how to care for them properly. You can purchase books about Great Danes and use kortingscode to save on your schoolbooks.

Health Tips

Being a Dane owner can be quite challenging, not because they’re difficult to train or live with, but because it easy to lose them early. They do tend to eat a lot, but you should be careful to not overfeed them. They are a breed that will not stop themselves when they are full, which is also why you have to be careful about bloat. Remember that bloat is the number one killer of Great Danes.

Table scraps should be given sparingly and definitely avoid cooked bones that have high fat content. Small meals and avoiding strenuous exercise during mealtimes should help reduce the risk. Great Danes require daily exercise that is appropriate for their age. Take them on brisk walks twice or thrice everyday. Avoid jogs or hikes until your dog is at least two years old, to prevent joint problems as they grow.

Grooming TipsGreat Dane Pup

A Great Dane has a short, thick, and smooth coat. They shed more than you would expect, especially given their size. Make sure that you have a soft bristle brush or rubber hound mitt to keep their fur and skin healthy. The breed tends to shed more heavily during spring and fall so remember to brush more often during this period to eliminate all the loose hair. Bathe your Great Dane only when he gets dirty. A gentle dog shampoo should do the trick.

Remember to trim his toenails every few weeks. Long nails can get caught on stuff and get torn off – this is a very painful experience for your pet and is something that you should definitely prevent from every happening. Brush his teeth often. Keep his ears dry and clean to avoid ear infections. You can do this with a cleaning solution recommended by your veterinarian. Do this grooming tips before going on a vacation like visiting van gogh is just one of the things to do in Amsterdam. You can also do some activities like biking around Amsterdam haarlemmerstraat.