The Great Dane is often referred to as a gentle giant because despite his size, he is friendly, affectionate, and sociable. He loves children, but he should first be trained to be gentle around them. His size can make for dangerous situations, especially for very young children. Remember that one swipe of his wagging tail is enough knock a toddler over. Supervision is definitely important when you are raising a Great Dane puppy together with your children. Great Danes have the perfect temperament and personality for your loving home. Using discounts like the expedia kortingscode for december is very popular so you don't have to worry having a vacation with your pet dog. There are also activities that you might enjoy like tour excursies Amsterdam can be exciting at times. Most of the promo codes and coupons are sponsored so go online to avail great deals.

Gentle Nature and Kind Temperament

Great Danes match and even surpass the size of an Irish wolfhound, have the sleek lines of a greyhound, and bear the muscularity of a mastiff. As a impressive and large pet, you can definitely do no wrong with choosing a Great Dane. They are really house dogs by nature. Because of their size, people think that Great Danes crave the outdoor life. However, many Great Danes can be lazy couch potatoes. When you are using an internet en telefoon app, you can't help but search information about Great Danes.

Great Danes are easy to train because they learn well and quickly. They are gentle but they can also be protective when the situation calls for it. Remember that some Great Danes have easily transitioned to become estate guard dogs. However, you should never encourage aggressiveness and train them to minimize undesirable behavior such as barking, digging, or counter surfing. During their early months, Great Danes can boisterous and destructive. However, this is true for almost any breed while they are in their formative years.


Start training the minute you bring your Great Dane home. Even at just a few weeks old, he is capable of learning what you have to teach him. Do not wait until he is 6 months old to start your training, otherwise, you will have to deal with a stubborn dog. Bring him often to puppy classes to socialize with other dogs. Keep in mind that no dog, not even the gentle Great Dane, is the perfect pet right out of his mother’s womb. Your Great Dane is a product of his background, breeding, and your training.