Great Danes are large, but they are gentle. Because of their size, training is crucial especially at an early age. If there are undesirable behaviors that manifest when they are older, it can be difficult to train them out of it because physically moving or restraining them can be quite challenging given the size. You do NOT want an adult Great Dane that is out of control and difficult. Because of this, you need to start as early as two months old. You can purchase the things you need for your pet using a zalando lounge kortingscode is very easy to get online.


However gentle Great Danes are known to be, they still need early socialization when they are younger. Socialization refers to the exposure to various kinds of people, animals, sights, sounds, and experiences. Socialization will ensure the your Great Dane will grow up to be a well-rounded and well behaved dog. Enrolling your puppy in a kindergarten class is a great first step. You can also take your pet to dog competitions and any angkas promo code today can give give you a lift when you travel. You can also travel with your dog using any agoda discount voucher code in this app.

You should also invite guests to your home often and take him to places that welcome pets such as parks, stores, or restaurants. Take him with you when you walk around your neighborhood so that he can meet your neighbors and form desirable social skills.

Obedience and Crate Training

Even though Great Danes are inherently good-natured, obedience training is still advisable. The size of an adult Great Dane will make trained good manners very crucial in disciplining and controlling him. Fortunately, training a Great Dane puppy is quite easy because they are quite sensitive and eager to please their owners. They are also smart and will learn very quickly. The breed also tends to respond well to positive reinforcement. Consistency, timeliness, patience, and repetitiveness are essential when you are conducting your training methods.

As a general rule, crates for any dog should be purchased after proper measurement. Measure your dog (or estimate if it's still a puppy), from chest to base of tail, and again to top of shoulders. Add 4 to 6-inches to these measurements and this is your ideal crate size. You should make sure that your puppy associates the crate with happy things such as treats or toys. Leave your puppy in the crate for short periods of time, gradually increasing the duration until he is able to stay there without whining. You can share ideas on how to train Great Danes by creating interesting contents on a blog and this is how you drive targeted traffic to your website.