Remember that all dogs have the potential to develop genetic health issues, and your Great Dane is no different. Never transact with a breeder who does not provide a health guarantee for your puppy or tells you that the puppy is 100 percent healthy and has no known issues. Choose a breeder that is truthful and upfront about any health problems for the breed and the incidence with which they occur in the puppy’s lines. If you can find tips on where to enter your agoda discount code, you can also search information on about the health problems for the breed.

Remember that the Great Dane, as a breed specifically, has a high risk of developing certain health problems. If you are, nonetheless, set on sharing your home with a Great Dane, you should be aware of their nutritional and exercise needs. Meeting these needs would ensure that you are raising a healthy and happy pet and minimize his risks of developing any health problems.


Nutrition is crucial when you are caring for your Great Dane. This is because puppies have to be grown slow, otherwise they can develop skeletal problems when they grow too quickly. Light and lean is what you should be going for during the first two years. Slow and steady growth is the key component of a healthy and happy development. You can purchase vitamins for your pet and use the spartoo kortingscode during a sale to save more money.

When feeding your Great Dane, you should choose high quality and premium dog food or go for a raw dog diet. The nutritional quality of the food you select, especially the protein and fat levels are extremely essential. To avoid health issues such as Pano and Wobblers Syndrome, protein levels should be 24 percent or lower while fat levels should be between 12 to 14 percent. Keep in mind that the protein and fat levels in most brand puppy foods are too high for Great Dane puppies so be careful in your search.


Proper exercise at various stages of your Great Dane’s development can affect the overall health and condition of your pet. While crate training is crucial for all house dogs, you should also ensure that your pet receives sufficient exercise daily. Growing and strengthening your dog’s muscles are important to support his bone development. At the same, too much exercise is not advisable, especially for a growing puppy. A Ctrip promotion code visa can be handy if you decided to go on a vacation with your pet. You can then apply for the webprint kortingscode to save on your prints whenever you take pictures for your pet.